Eileen Kasunich

Eileen has been in player development since 1991 and casino marketing since long before that.  Monica and Eileen forged a great working relationship in 1997 when Monica twisted her arm to join Casino Accommodations, then a team of only one. Twenty-seven years later, they are still happy to be still a team and doing what they love….taking care of casino guests!  Eileen is thrilled to be a part of the Casino Accommodations team. Providing a full array of flawless casino travel options to our players is one of her main goals.  Eileen says “We at Casino Accommodations have so much to offer, the possibilities are endless.” Eileen loves spending time with our customers and can often be found hosting a cruise or trip to one of our many travel destinations.  “Between my beautiful family, sweet grandchildren, wonderful customers, and fantastic career, I really do have it all!”